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The calm has settled and now I am ready. The youngest son's room is now renovated, the curtains are hung, furniture painted and there are only the walls in the living room left to paint. Is there anything better than crawling up on the couch and start the project that I've been waiting for so long will be reality.

I first made contact with the brand builder almost a year ago. In that work, we decided jointly with the agency to pick out the art and my business from Qente, mainly because its easier to keep apart what we do.

It has been a mental challenge since we ourselves think Qente is so intertwined in its operations. It is now ripe and we are ready to do so. In reality you will not see any changes, we will continue to work together at the same address.

It is the presentation on the web that will be different and clearer. You will probably find what you are looking for easier. It feels extra fun to work with professionals that also are dedicated to what they are doing. We are so used to doing everything ourselves from photo, text, layout and coding. This time we take the help of a photographer with his deep knowledge. Photographing art is a big challenge. Some images are almost impossible to reproduce with the correct color. Feels nice to get help with that knowledge. We also hire a person who works with digital marketing and knows what it takes to make the site work well for visitors.

A new website will soon coming true. See you soon!

Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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Eva edell
Eva edell

maj 12, 2020

Hello Eva!
So lovely art and I wish you the best in creating and recreating in life and on web!!!
Love Eva

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