Most frequently asked questions

1. Go to my web shop and choose your favorite.
2. Chose shipping method.
3. Choose payment.
4. You you will receive your art normally within 5 days-2 weeks

5. You can also but the art in Gotehburg, at my studio.

If you have questions don´t hesitate to contact us

5 days - 2 weeks. It depend on shipping adress and size of the painting. 

Yes at Postgatan 4 Gothenburg Sweden and 
Södra Hamnen Galleri and cafe, Skärhamn Tjörn Sweden

Yes, we are a public gallery and It´s my working space. Just give us a call or email..

We use proffesionally transportcompanies. The small paintings are shipped in boxes well protected with styrofoam. The large paintings comes in woodenboxes or rolled up without wedge frame. If you have qiestions, please call us and we will discuss the best option for you.