10 reasons to fall in love with art




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Right now, it is  interesting to look back at our history and how it has been described in culture and art. What role art has had to play through the ages and how it survives through all kinds of epochs. If we try to tame it, it takes new paths. I think it is immortal and will remain so for humanity. Here are some reasons why art can contribute to ...

#1 The art can help you make a change

#2 Maybe understand life and at the same time make me understand that everything is impossible to understand

#3 Stress reduction

#4 Give me time to reflect and fantasize

#5 Feel the connection with other people

#6 Teach me that things happened before

#7 Can make me laugh or cry

#8 Inspire me to be good and human

#9 Give me peace of mind

#10 Learn to see solutions