May 24, 2021 2 min read

This year's May has been more wonderful
than usual despite the cold. I enjoy the variety,
the nature of being able to exist. I do not know
if it is due to the Pandemic's impact on all of us
that you feel great joy and gratitude before everything
starts again and that no matter what happens to our future, spring reappears in a faithful and safe way every year.


Exhibition at Strandverket, Marstrand 14-26 may

Utställning Strandverket

I gratefully accepted the offer of a first dose of vaccine a few
weeks ago and look forward to the second. I have now had
my first group exhibition in May and you who have missed it,
it is still possible to see it at
Marstrand and Strandverket until Wednesday 12-17 every day. 
There are 16 artists exhibiting with different expressions in
painting and sculpture.

Degree exhibition:
Reflections from a future HDK - Valand
at Kronhuset  21-29 may 

HDK Valand Examensutställning
With the spring, Kronhuset also re-emerged and new winds sweep
into the Kronhus quarter and Västra Nordstan. We are so happy
that the neighborhood is being filled with more culture and right
now HDK has its student exhibition in Kronhuset until the 29 of may.

A weekend and "Workshop in creativity and color"
at Q´ente Atelje, Postgatan 4 

artist eva wiren courses
For all of you who long for another start before the autumn.
You may be considering letting creativity get into your life.
Then this is the workshop for you. We restarts our popular
weekends on two occasions this autumn 25-26 September
and 2-3 October. Take the opportunity to book.
We have already received registrations for the first weekend.


Cafees,  bistro and restaurant with music during summer

New Art in the studio at postgatan

Eva Wiren

If you want to look at new art for a student or just for yourself
and your home, I will be in Gothenburg all summer,
 please send an SMS if you would like to visit my studio.

Warm hugs and hope you have a nice summer.
I hope we meet
Love Eva

Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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