September 22, 2022 2 min read

Inspiration - Flow - Daydreams -  Creativty - Fantasy

We have lots of name for the word inspiration
It could be like a fragile, fleeting flame that is easily extinguished.
Do you think it is difficult to get into the state of mind ?

I have my own experience of how challenging it can be. To then believe that it is possible to be creative on demand two hours between dinner and bedtime is making great demands. For many years I have tried to combine a professional life with painting. I thought I tried every conceivable way to get this to work. After many years, I have found a key to be able to start a process that leads to inspiration.
The void, giving time to nothing or being in something when you feel like you're doing nothing. I think Bodil Jönsson touches on this as something similar to "stand time".

We all have our own path. I am helped by the music into inspiration, preferably repetitive and suggestive. I once asked a musician from GWO about how he got into inspiration and he replied: - "Definitely not with music".

What then is this somewhat mysterious, elusive or magical condition.
I am convinced that it is a life force we need to be a part of in order to feel good. After all, all new inventions and ideas have all started at least in a combination of inspiration and perhaps transpiration. Everything we can experience is real and has its basis in inspiration or an idea.

If you want to get closer to your inspiration, give time to something new that might give you a new view of time. We have now held popular weekend courses on this very subject since 2016

You are welcome to paint a weekend with us in playful and non-prestigious ways. You examine your path to inspiration and in a trusting environment get the chance to try this through painting and various techniques. 

What do you need to get into inspiration or flow?





Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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