February 01, 2021 2 min read

Do you want new ideas, new art and energy on your walls.
I'll help you find the right.

Many of us have been working from home for more or less a year soon.
We are social beings who need other people to feel good.
How do we maintain our job satisfaction, focus, outside influences and stimuli when we are not allowed to meet in the way we usually do.

Hemmakontoret -  Eva Wiren Hemmakontor - Eva Wiren  modern konstVinterbadare Abstract - Eva Wiren

To create a meaningful home where we facilitate the habits that help us stay focused and on things we know we enjoy and feel good about.
It can be about leaving books in the room. Wearing training clothes to make it easier to be reminded of movement and exercise creates good feelings. To turn off the TV by unplugging the cord to make passive viewing more difficult.

During this year, many have prioritized their housing.
The question arises how do I want to create a home where I both work and rest.

THE ART - How it influence you

# 1 Art can help you make a difference
# 2 Maybe I understand life and at the same time make me understand that everything is impossible to understand
# 3 Stress reduction
# 4 Give me time to reflect and fantasize
# 5 Feel the connection with other people
# 6 Teach me that things happened before
# 7 Can make me laugh or cry
# 8 Inspire me to be good and human
# 9 Give me peace of mind
# 10 Learn to see solutions

Send a picture taken straight from the front on the wall where you want to place your art. I send back a number of suggestions for art that may fit. You can think at home in peace and quiet without borrowing a home or buying.

No matter what we choose to do, it takes a little action and focus to do something new about life and everyday life has become different. Breaking habits takes time, but take the opportunity to take advantage of this time, which is completely unique. Good luck !  Eva Wirén

Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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