September 04, 2022 1 min read

Eva Wiren summer

This morning as I took my steps to the outdoor shower, I unconsciously chose the flip flops for the first time since May. There was a fresh but chilly wind that reminded us that summer will soon give way to darker evenings and colder days even though the sun is still warm.
Tomorrow we leave vacation and a long beautiful summer behind us and return to Gothenburg. I long to enter the studio at Q´ente and the workshops at KKV again and take part in everything new that will happen this autumn.
A warm welcome and we hope to see you!

Gunnar Larsson och Eva Wirén
15 oktober-30 oktober 2022

Monsungatan 57, Göteborg(Mittemot Bockkranens busshållplats, linje 16, på Västra Eriksberg)

Now there are new dates out for those of you who long to paint.

Read and register here

eva at the floor in the studio

the 28th of october 


Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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