Are you ready to embarks on a creative journey? (for groups)


Ready to embarks on a creative journey?
Book a acrylic painting workshop and experience the joy of painting.
This is the workshop that takes your curiosity and creativity further.   
You get to explore your creation in a trusting atmosphere,
where you will get access to different techniques to dare.

Here is the workshop that is created just for you who want to do
something fun with firends or your organisations.
It can also be a start for a deeper interest for painting 
Together, we  develop your creativity, your painting and creative
desire according to your conditions.

The idea of ​​the workshop is that you should feel greater security,
creative desire and joy and to be able to continue on your own.
We practice letting in inspiration and exploring your inner world
in a safe way through painting.
We believe that everyone has an artist within them, waiting to be discovered.
The course is  located in our historic premises from the 18th century
on Postgatan 4.


Course leader: Eva Wirén visual artist

Does this seem interesting?
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