March 19, 2020 1 min read

This painting started as an inspiration for the Arctic, the mountain world and the glaciers in Norway. The water and the colors has flowed in the same way that the ice melts at the glaciers.

The morning when the US presidential election was ready, I was supposed to put my last hand on the painting. When I come to the studio I see only a vibrant earth heart, hard strained by the human ego, it has to end colored by the reality we are in. Thoughts about courage, who are you and what inner compass do you have ?

In times when the contrasts is growing in the world. Do I dare to show who I am? Do I believe in my own power? Am I important enough, to dare to fight for what I believe in? Who do I listen to and how easily can I be influenced by my values? A wise woman formed these thoughts beautifully to create secure, wise children who could then become adults. Here is a clip from….

The brothers Lion Heart, Astrid Lindgren:
- "If everyone were like you,then evil would reign in all eternity"
(Orvar to Jonathan)

- "If everyone was like Jonathan, then there would be no evil. "
(The crust of Orvar)

- "There are things to do, even if it is dangerous. Otherwise you are not a human being, but just a little shit The lion's crust, Jonathan said, are you scared?"

- "No ... yes, I'm scared! But I still do it, Jonathan, I do it now ... and then I will never be more afraid."

Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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