Office at home - do you long for new art

Abstract Art, Title : Twin soluls, Artist. Eva Wiren  Abstract Art, Totle: The Ant, Artist Eva Wiren  Abstract art, Title: The dancing fox, Artist Eva Wiren  Abstract art, Title: Welcome back, Artist eva wiren

Try art at home with your mobile


I will help you try a painting with the help of your mobile.
You do not have to borrow home or buy art.
You can try the painting in peace and quiet in different environments via your mobile.


Do this:

  1. Take a picture on the wall where you want the art to be.
  2. Write the measurement on the wall in the message. You can choose a painting or let me pick out a picture, I think would fit.

You will find all the art on
Within 24 hours I will send back one or more proposals.
Good luck!

 Artist Eva Wiren