Why Artist


Art to me is something that touches on depth
It doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful, but it means something completely different to me than what decor does. I've always painted since I was a little kid. And had a dream to work as an artist in my teens. Then life took other ways and I have been working as an artist full time since 2013.

Why art is health?
In terms of art, I want you to meet heart to heart and let the intellect stand aside for a while. When you do this, you may gain new knowledge about yourself or
a development and it can go fast. You may not understand where the touch point is. You are often surprised It is not always one who is touched, it can be so personal but suddenly it happens, you do not have time to think. It goes directly into the heart.

All children are born creative and we love to play and explore and somewhere this space shrinks when we grow up, depending of course on the career path we choose. I feel strongly that I have a task to help people get back to their creativity and I do this mainly through our courses in painting. There is nothing better than when I get to participate when people find their creativity.