Exhibition in Södertälje art association



The first major exhibition since the outbreak of the pandemic this spring.
This time Eva shows her art in the Old Town Hall on Stora torget in Södertälje, Sweden. The exhibition includes art in five rooms with great variety.

I am really looking forward to coming to Södertälje for several reasons.
It feels special as this is my very first exhibition this year since the pandemic started. I have longed to meet the audience again. The exhibitions in Sweden, Norway and Italy were all canceled this spring. It's a bit like coming home, I was born and raised and have my heart in central Sweden but moved to Gothenburg to study art for almost 40 years. Therefore, it will be extra fun that Södertälje welcomes with an exhibition.

My painting is a reflection of an inner life and it becomes a process where I layer upon layer work with emotions and the unconscious. I am inspired by our time, the meeting with other people, nature and light. Over the past two years, I have painted more and more in acrylic. It is not a conscious choice, but it has become more so, but I am just as happy to paint with oil if I feel like it.

This time, several of my pictures will be inspired by nature and a theme called "Nature Speaks". The newer works reflect the Corona pandemic and how it affects us. In these paintings there is, among other things, a royal crown in gold leaf placed somewhere as a reminder of the time and perhaps for the adjustments and changes, small and large, we voluntarily or perhaps had to do for each other on different levels during the spring.

Most of the pictures are abstract and I hope that they will tickle the visitor's imagination for their own experience in the picture.

I will be present during the opening on Saturday 12 September and the closing day on 27 September.