Summer exhibition at Skaftö Folkets hus with Hillberg, Kleist, Wettre and Wirén

Finally we are back at Skaftö Folkets hus and a new summer exhibition.
A lot has happened since 2019 when we were last here and in addition
to Ann Hillberg, Olof Wettre and Eva Wirén, Inga-Christina Kleist is with us this year.

We will all show new paintings in different expressions and techniques.

Four artists about their painting

Ann Hillberg: Art is inspired by the West Coast's nature and people interact. Ann is known for her skilled work with atmospheres and light. The images are completely bathed in shimmer thanks to the interplay between light and darkness, different room formations and contrasts.
Ann works mainly with oil and acrylic. The motifs are always close to the depicted reality, but certain components are intuitively amplified in order to convey a certain expression and create a certain mood. It is the underlying stories and undertones in the paintings that give their genuine expression.


Inga-Christina Kleist: for me, painting is an intuitive, creative process without planning.
A need to express the ongoing stages of life. Often in colorful pictures. But also in milder tones. Most abstract and sometimes figurative. I use acrylic and oil paints.


Olof Wettre: For me, painting is going into what is usually called flow, which for me means shutting out the noise of a world dominated by digital pollution, cultural dilution, mental claustrophobia, and the remarkable lack of the humanities. Inspired by the lively North Sea, changing skies and rugged cliffs, I like to start from the west coast's cold, blue-gray scale, sometimes with a slightly warming color expression.


Eva Wirén: I have painted and drawn all my life.
I know that my thoughts and feelings are illustrated through my hands. Many of my pictures are an imprint of my inner world. It is therefore always changing in both color and temperament as life itself is. I draw strength and inspiration from dreams, our time and the unconscious that we hardly perceive or perceive. I work layer upon layer, usually in oil and acrylic, but also other technology as silk screen and enamel.

For more info see the respective website.

Vernissage Saturday 23 July at 12-18 (All artists attend)
Sunday 12-18  (All artists attend)
Monday to Wednesday at 13-18 (Monday, Eva Wirén at the gallery)
                                                    (Tuesday, Inga-Christina Kleist at the gallery)
                                                    (Wednesday, Ann Hillberg at the gallery)
                         Thursday 13-17  (Olof Wettre, at the gallery) 

Warm welcome!
Ann, Inga-Christina, Olof and Eva