Abstract art from her studio in Gothenburg


     artist eva wiren

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Abstract art is to me is something from the depth.
My art comes from our dream world and the unconscious.

It is manifested in the colors of the canvas and is interpreted by you.
It doesn't necessarily have to be beautiful, but it means something completely different to me than what decor does. 

It can be reminiscent of a memory a wish or a goal for the future.
Art can really makes a difference for you or maybe a friend.

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      Artist Eva Wiren   
      Artist Eva Wiren

Q´ente Atelje -  Eva wiren
411 13 Göteborg

Mobile +46(0) 73 147 06 62
E-post: eva.wiren@qente.se
Homepage: www.evawiren.com / www.evawiren.se