Q´ente reopens for exhibitions with Elisabeth Olsson-Linnersten and Eva Wirén, 17-18 september


elisabeth OL

We are glad to meet the audience again and show the art live and are proud to announce  that Elisabeth Olsson-Linnersten will be our first artist. She likes to work in different materials and techniques, but it is always curiosity that is the driving force for her desire to create. It will be an exhibition where imagination and creativity test your limits. We mix color, shape, expression and material.
Warm Welcome Eva and Elisabeth ! 


Date: September 17-18, 2021. 12-17 p.m.

CV -Elisabeth Olsson-Linnersten, born 1957
Technology: Painting, textiles, mixed media
> 400 higher education credits in medical subjects
Grafik, Hans Verduijn, Lund
Graphics, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm
Embroidery Academy - free embroidery, Henriette Ousbäck
Embroidery Academy - free embroidery, Kicken Eriksson
Textile expression-Denmark
Glasblåsarskolan, Kosta
Design management, Kalmar University
Draw with the left hemisphere- Course activities Kalmar
Image therapy, Agneta von Koskull
Graphics, Folkuniversitetet, Malmö
Sculpture, Folkuniversitetet Malmö, Bronze casting, Helsingborg
Kreatova, Gotland
Collective workshop, Malmö
Aquarell technician, Gerlesborg School
Gerlesborgskolan nov-10 with textile embroidery with Petter Hellsing
Painting student to Georg Suttner, Gerlesborg School
Watercolor course Ronneby konsthall / Amgard
Enamel course Ronneby konsthall /
Creative exoeriments in silkscreen technique, Konstakademin Lodz, Poland

Jury-judged exhibitions:
1998 Textile Museum Borås, Permin of Copenhagen
2000 Jury-judged exhibition Bryggeriet's art gallery
2001 Jury-judged exhibition Bryggeriet's Art Gallery, Trelleborg, oil,
Bronze sculpture
2004-Jury-judged exhibition Samkultur-Trelleborg
2005 Artista Donna, jury judge Helsingborg
2006 Artista Donna, jury judge Helsingborg
2006 Installation Alnarp VSKG
2006 2nd female artbienal, Malmö
2007 Swedish Artists' Association, Kristianstad
2010 Swedish Artists' Association Gothenburg
2010 Swedish Artists' Association Landskrona Art Gallery
2010 Kullasalongen, Krapperup
2014 Nordic Salon 2014, Dunkers Helsingborg (1500 artists applied from the Nordic countries)
2015 Jury-judged art exhibition, Himmelsberga, Öland Museum
2016 Liljevalcs Spring Salon - textile work, sold to health center and the money was donated to Doctors Without Borders (14700: -)
2016-2019 Växjö art round
2020 Jury-judged exhibition Himmelsberga, Öland Museum
2020 Kalini Design, Gothenburg
2021 Masthuggskyrkan, "Roots"
Among other things, she is represented by various authorities, art associations and banks.
She has also participated in the art round in Skåne for the past 18 years.