Presentation of Judith Fjellstedt, Anna Bilén and Eva Wirén

- Judith Fjellstedt runs JF Peace Design, which grew out of a lifelong passion for clothes, fashion and art. She began her career in tailoring and design in New Zealand.
Judith designs and tailors clothes with a modern and stylish touch. In the creation of the collections, only surplus fabrics are used and she adds art objects as accessories that make each garment unique with a story. For Q'ente, Judith brings different types of tailored jackets.

- Anna Bilén runs Swedish Shyness Interior, which manufactures bedding in high quality and timeless design. The feel of the fabrics is cool and gives a lovely feeling to crawl into night after night. In 2010, Shyness' bed textiles "Sober" and "Serenity" received Elle Interiör's Design Award for "Bedroom Product of the Year".
Anna is basically a textile engineer with a focus on craftsmanship combined with a circular and long-term thinking. After many years, she chose to leave the fashion industry to go her own way and move production back to Europe. In a small boat shed on Käringön, outside Orust, she has established herself as a circular role model and supplier in the Swedish textile industry.

Eva Wiren Qente Atelje
- Eva Wirén, visual artist and owner of Q'ente Atelje at Postgatan 4 in the Kronhuskvarteret. will, among other things, show new enamels and abstract colorful art in small and large sizes as well as graphic sheets, perfect as Christmas gifts. For those of you who do not know her, there is more information at