May 13, 2020 1 min read

Artwork with the title - "Behind the fence"

"To be a part of nature or to perceive a loss that one hardly notices, an alienation from the origin, the birdsong, the patterns in the stone or the scents from moist soil that were just released by spring"

Like when the sky over New Delhi or Shanghai clears and life stops.
We get a chance to see everything a little clearer.

One of the paintings that was in Germany was painted when nature was allowed to speak. The right of nature, in whose basic needs or whose desires does humanity do what it does?

The painting and the title gained another significance when it returned to Sweden. "Behind the fence". Closed borders, consequence and significance for us humans and for nature. Helps the pandemic and the subtle lack of nature to remember our origins, our real needs?

Two months of rest from travel and exhibitions. An opportunity to go even further inward. Rest in silence and the inner world may blossom.
To be able to provide space for inspiration and let the immeasurable shout louder. The introvert's longing.

Our differences take us in different directions. Loneliness, a non-self-chosen isolation, a sense of destructiveness. Our acceptance finally makes us ready to receive something new.




Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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