July 04, 2020 1 min read


Hello art- and painting friends

The Swedish summer is finally here and most of us will probably spend their holidays in Sweden. I notice that it is easier for me to get into the small world and pay more attention to small details if I am in familiar surroundings.
Maybe you will also visit familiar places?

I love to disappear into other worlds, look deep and far into a flower, follow an insect's work or see patterns, colors, shadows in rocks, clouds and leaves. Nothing else can disturb me in what can be called as "flow".

When I travel, I usually bring watercolor paper and paints. They are easy to carry and even to sketch with a little charcoal. Instead of keeping a diary, there are sketches of people in a café, building or something else that catch my attention and give a memory of the place.

Once the inspiration has taken hold, most tools for creation work.

I wish you all a relaxing summer and a free creation

Loving greetings

Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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