April 24, 2020 1 min read

I believe that I and many others would sign that we as humans are prepared to fight for what we believe in. That we have a strong will and what is important to us, we are prepared to fight for.

I note, right now, that we are struggling at different levels to regain our normal lives. We would love to be in control again. Do we ever have control over our future and what we plan to do? I see more often in text for example,
When can I .....
When are we allowed to ..
I want to be able to ...
I do not intend to accept .....

Time goes by and the weeks are added to months and
a deeper insight settles down.

We may not get our old lives back as quickly as we would like. We may never get our normal everyday life back.
What happens to my life then? What will my reality look like? Who am I?

The time varies for us to accept a partly new existence and a new everyday life. To go from struggle to acceptance. We usually end up in acceptance and a new peace emerges. We get new power of action according to the new conditions. We are ready to take a new direction and move forward with new dreams.

With loving greetings
Eva Wirén
Eva Wirén

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